Записи с темой: the pacific (список заголовков)

Интеллект не просвунишь!(с)
Ак-Ак/Хиллбилли обойка

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@темы: The pacific


Интеллект не просвунишь!(с)
Precious wild cinnamon XD

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@темы: The Pacific


Интеллект не просвунишь!(с)

Интеллект не просвунишь!(с)

@темы: the pacific


Интеллект не просвунишь!(с)
Хиллбилли и Ак-Ак ^_____^

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@темы: The Pacific


Интеллект не просвунишь!(с)
Пасифику посвещается

Dribbling, crippling, never ceasing
rain can swallow tears and thoughts,
ripping fabric of the clothes,
ripping fabric of the night,
dripping from the helmet, crippling
thoughts and stealing light
Rain of bullets, wounds from rain,
screams of pain and screaming pain,
mixing, messing with the tortured,
overtired sleepless brain
Ground is shifting, ground is bending
under thousands weary feet
Ground will swallow every fallen,
every missing, every killed
Fear and hatred of the damned,
ragged, and abandoned souls
thickens after every sunset,
gripping heart and stealing hope
Heathen, martyrs, reckless,
numbed, and crazy,
crawl and bleed,
shooting, shouting, crying,
cursing God for His misdeed
Streaming, squelching, unforgiving
rain can swallow blood and dirt,
ripping souls and thoughts,
but ceasing,
leaving will to live unhurt

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@темы: The Pacific